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Upcoming Talks and Discussions
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Out There:  Contemporary Practice, Art and Civility
Out There: Contemporary Practice, Art and Civility Sat 04/26/14
The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago hosts a symposium exploring the relationship between contemporary practice, civic engagement, art, and the work of museums. This daylong discussion brings together artists, activists, curators, and historians to examine contemporary issues relating to collaboration, social practice, community outreach, and civic engagement.
Out There: Symposium and Educator Lunch Sat 04/26/14
The themes driving this symposium—collaboration, community, civic engagement, and the role of the arts—have clear pedagogical implications in and beyond the walls of the classroom. MCA Teacher Programs invites K-12 teachers to join us during the lunch hour for a special breakout meal. Hosted and conceptualized by local artists, this lunch will provide a sociable space for educators to discuss and debate the conference’s driving questions. Teacher Resources will be provided to shed light on and extend thinking around the presenters and themes of the day.
Simon Denny/Christine Mehring on Isa Genzken
Simon Denny/Christine Mehring on Isa Genzken Thu 05/08/14
Christine Mehring, chair and professor of art history at the University of Chicago, and artist Simon Denny discuss Isa Genzken’s practice with James W. Alsdorf Chief Curator Michael Darling in an intimate, in-gallery conversation.
Anne Pasternak
Anne Pasternak Thu 05/22/14
Director of Creative Time Anne Pasternak will talk about the extraordinary work of Creative Time. Anne has been the director for over 10 years and has has collaborated with hundreds of artists to ignite the public’s imagination, explore ideas that shape society, and bring groundbreaking public art to millions of people around the world. She will be joined by Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz who worked with Creative Time to produce two projects that commented on American-Iraqui relations in personally- and politically-provocative ways.
Takashi Murakami - Jellyfish Eyes
Takashi Murakami - Jellyfish Eyes Sun 05/25/14
Takashi Murakami visits the MCA to introduce his first live-action feature film (2013) that combines Murakamiʼs trademark anime-inspired visual aesthetic with broader themes of social change and self-empowerment.  Blending computer-animated graphics and live-action cinematography, Jellyfish Eyes is a coming-of-age tale set in a post-Fukushima world, recalling Japanese monster films of the 1950s while embodying the promise of generational hope.
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